Vasculitis – inflammation of the blood vessels


Hi all,

I have a family member who has vasculitis. What it looks like visibly on the skin is patches of red, raised skin that are very warm, hard, itch and hurt. They cause body fatigue among the existing pain. A little speck might appear at some random time and then an hour or 2 later, it grows and moves to another random body part and then it settles and expands. It sucks, to say the least.

I have a family member who has had this since the summer of 2019. A likely result of increased stress and anxiety. Although doctors in the US have been pretty unhelpful. Doing my own research, vasculitis doesn’t have a cure… Yet. My family member has been taking prescribed steroids with horrible and draining side effects and even with those meds, we haven’t seen any progression.

I’ve gotten her to take CBD oil daily just starting last week and I’m hoping it alleviates some of the pain even for a short while but my hope is that it just makes the pain go away.

I’m a newbie into the marijuana world and in my state it’s finally fully legalized. I come to reddit seeking help and recommendations on vasculitis.

Does anyone know any specific strains or if THC would help with this issue? Short term and preferably long term. None of the doctors ever mentioned medical marijuana to her. It’s all been big pharma stuff which is sad but expected. I just want her to stop suffering.

Thank you.

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