I cross posted this on r/weed but don’t expect to get an answer from their oversaturated posting sub.

I’m trying to get high again. I’ve been taking only edibles for a couple months now to give my lungs and throat a good break. I just feel like i never really get high with edibles. Even at higher doses (100-250mg) I don’t really get the stoned feeling, just kind of helps me sleep. Am I not taking enough? Are my receptors really that fucked or am I insensitive to weed?

I’m 23 and have smoked for 11 years with very few tolerance breaks. Longest I stopped was 2 weeks and to break that I took 2 fat dabs and that shit felt like a bad acid trip. (I’ve done acid once, i’m not a psychonaut) I just wanna get so stoned I stare at the wall or forget what I was doing like when I was 17.

I know I need a tolerance break but man it’s fuckin boring where i’m at right now. Winter, covid, nothing to do. I know i’m abusing the fuck out of the THC but for as hard as I abuse it, I thought I’d get high more often. What ya think, am I stupid or what?

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