My withdrawal experience


TLDR: I quit smoking weed, read on to find out what’s that’s been like,

I highly recommend quitting, even for a few weeks. Here’s my experience.

I smoke because I am bored and with what’s going on these days and the stay at home orders (I live in Canada for reference).

I was smoking since the beginning of the pandemic, mostly indica. 24-27% I was smoking (we can buy 3.5-14 grams (max 30 grams per person) buts it’s really expensive, more on that later) 3-8 times a day. I was spending almost 150 a week to keep this up.

Weed in Canada is expensive. 3.5 can cost as much as 50$ here in Alberta and can be as cheap as 2 for 40.

That adds up. I was smoking from the time I woke up till the time I went to bed trying to keep that “high going” (chasing the dragon).

I would eat and then the high would go away and I would smoke again. I would play video games and have to be high.

I quit this past Friday (February 5th 2021) Cold turkey.

I weigh about 159-170 (some where in there). The side effects I felt, were the following:

  • I could not sleep the first night that well. I did manage to sleep but not any quality.
  • The next day I lived off fruit smoothies and gaterraid.
  • Following that my sleep has been back to normal.
  • My mood swings though are all over the place. I can be happy and ecstatic, then my cat could meow and I would be seething with rage. (No I don’t take it out on my cats, I grab a pillow and scream into it)
  • I have zero appetite, pasta for example sets off my gag reflex. So I eat very little but keep my nutrients up with smoothies and boost drinks. I do force my self to eat something, so I’m not just living off liquids, but we ain’t going through a whole box of cereal any more.

I was never one for junk food on weed, unless the sugar or salt craving got really bad.

Mood is the biggest thing for me. There is no in between happy and seething murdeous rage. There is no depression or sadness.

I don’t sweat, like some say you do. I don’t shake or have any fever like some sites say you might.

I’m relieved that I quit, not because it’s bad or wrong or anything like that, enjoy your bowls. Have one for me.

I feel a sense of clarity, like the world is brighter and clearer, the air is fresher (although frigid at the time of this writing).

I was lapsing in days. As in I thought a month went by but my friend was like “no I saw you last week” time usually does lapse for me, I work from home, so I can loose track of days (usually a day behind or ahead in my head). With weed it was like I felt as if a month or two went by, I couldn’t remember what happened last week let alone the day before.

Would I smoke again? Maybe. But it’s too expensive, and that money could be used for other things. I won’t buy “illegal” weed because out here we have an issue with it being laced with fentanyl (in some cases)

That’s my experience so far. I realize some of you might have worse experiences or no experience (even after 20 years or so of weed and quitting cold Turkey) I do believe that weight and amount of body fat as well as metabolism speed does play some kind of role. I have a high metabolism and am 30 something year old twig, so maybe that’s why it wasn’t bad for me, or as bad as it could be? I don’t know, not a doctor.

How have your withdraw been? I’ve read some scary stories, and I have heard people say weed isn’t addicting (it is, trust but maybe not as bad as say, for example (never done it, never will) meth).

Do I have Cravings? Not really no. But I know it’s a slippery slope, if I bought 3.5 grams right now I’d be through it in an hour. So best not to do that (for me any ways).

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