Whistleblowing on Maryland Mecial Franchise Culta x Cookies


“This is a letter from previous employees at Culta that wish to remain anonymous, urging the public to stop their support of the franchise known as Culta. The staff and management there, are not there to take care of you, they are making fun of patients, printing out pictures of patient’s MMCC profiles, making rude commentary and games with them (such as hiding the pictures around the office, all for amusement) looking up patients criminal records, Giving influencers 50%-100% off their flower, making horrendous misogynistic commentary about women, disabled, and trans patients. From our time at Culta, we have witnessed that there has been gross mismanagement, various violations of laws/HIPPA regulations, abuse of authority, nepotism, and what we believe to be a danger to the public health and future of businesses in cannabis.

Together there is gathered documentation of incriminating evidence, we believe that this information is vital for the public to know. As a Maryland patient, you have the right to make an educated decision on where you buy your cannabis from and who you should and should not support.”

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