What can I do when a gram of dabs a day stops doing anything?


Title says it all, and I know y’all have heard the stories. I used to be a lightweight, the feeling of being so out of my head high satisfied some sort of unfulfilled need.

About 5 years later and I have to hit at least 3 dabs to feel much of anything, and even then it hardly feels different than being sober. Can’t remember the last time weed made me feel trippy. A gram used over the course of the day does little more than keep my anxiety at bay for a few minutes at a time.

I hate how this is now. It’s expensive, doesn’t relieve me of stress or get me out of my head. But I can’t, nor do I want to quit. Because as much as I hate this, I hate the sensation of paralysis I suffer when I don’t have some sort of drug to numb the ever present pain and fear of the human condition.

Grandstanding aside, tldr: What can I do?

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