Thinking of using cannabutter in tea to help with ADD.


I’m 39, used to be a pretty heavy smoker in my 20s but then took a break for several years and would maybe smoke every once in a blue moon over the past few years. I made some fairly weak brownies recently, at least compared to most people’s recipes, from some old dried up bud leftover from my last bag.

Anyways, I don’t like to get super stoned, but enough to just feel chill and a little high. So I figured out how much brownie to eat without getting super high but nice and relaxed. I noticed that my focus almost seemed better. So I started reading up on if people used this for ADD, and sure enough people do. So I’m thinking of getting some ice trays that make tiny ice cubes and making a lot of cannabutter, then freezing it in these ice trays, and hopefully find a dose where I could put a single cube in some tea and get into the threshold just short of being stoned but more chill and focused.

Anybody ever try anything similar? I’d love to hear others experiences.

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