Bought weed for 1st time, not getting high yet


There is some dizziness that I feel from it. But that’s about it. Not really feeling relaxed.

Anyways, I read that first time users have trouble getting high due to undeveloped receptors in the brain.

I bought a tincture. That didn’t work. Then I bought a sativa throwaway vape pen (0.3 grams). Only made me dizzy. I was then told that the quality of the throwaway wasn’t very good. So, then I bought a higher quality 0.5 gram refillable vape that is indica. Still not really feeling very much of anything other than dizziness.

What should I do to get my brain receptors used to weed so I can actually get high?

My body is in pain and I at least want to feel relaxed.

Please advise.

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