An hour into the trip, I’m experiencing a headache & hearing voices.



Two weeks prior I’ve decided to cut back on smoking Marijuana, because of not getting the high like I used to. So I took a tolerance break and did cut back on its use.

I tried smoking again, (one bong hit) after giving a 5 day break and an hour into the the trip, I’ve started to experience a bad headache. I’m not sure, but I think I’m hearing voices. I tried again two days later and the issue persists.

As if my neighbors are calling me out for smoking weed. I am not sure if I’m simply mistaken or if my mind’s playing tricks on me.

I really like smoking Marijuana and want to continue doing so (in moderation). In my country Marijuana is illegal & I don’t really have a lot of options to try different strains.

I have a fair bit of stash left & I do want to smoke, but I’m not really sure if its a good idea.

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