CBD bill reintroduced in Congress • A second adult use bill in Maryland • In Canada, legal sales outpace illegal • & more…


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CBD bill reintroduced in Congress.

Congress members Rep. Morgan Griffith, a Republican of Virginia, and Rep. Kurt Schrader, a Democrat of Oregon, have reintroduced their Hemp and Hemp-Derived CBD Consumer Protection and Market Stabilization Act. 

They introduced an Act by the same name last year. It would, in short: “make hemp, cannabidiol derived from hemp, and any other ingredient derived from hemp lawful for use under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act as a dietary ingredient in a dietary supplement, and for other purposes.”

The Act comes as the FDA’s rule making on which CBD products are legal has, at this point, taken years.

A new cannabis legalization bill drops in Maryland.

This week, the vice chair of Maryland’s Senate Finance Committee, Brian Feldman, introduced SB 0708, an adult use cannabis legalization bill. Feldman’s bill has six cosponsors, including Senate President Bill Ferguson and Senate Majority Leader Nancy J. King.

This follows the introduction of another adult use bill on which Cannabis Wire reported, introduced by Delegate Jazz Lewis, that aims to send cannabis tax revenue toward the state’s HBCUs

Both bills focus on equity, though in different ways. And both bills face the same reality: the governor doesn’t support legalization.

+ ICYMICannabis Wire recently published a roundup of medical and adult use legalization bills introduced to-date in 2021, and we’ll aim to update it weekly.

For the first time, legal cannabis sales in Canada outpace illegal sales.

Adult use cannabis sales went live in Canada in late 2018. Slowly, as legal sales rose, illegal sales declined. 

The question was: when, if ever, will legal sales outpace illegal sales in this effort to quash the unlicensed market?

The answer is: now. 

New data released by Health Canada shows that, in Q3 2020, Canadians bought C$824 million worth of legal cannabis, and an estimated C$754 million in illegal cannabis. Last quarter, it was C$630 legal vs C$801 illegal.

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