Moving to an illegal state…Need some suggestions on some good CBD cigs


PTSD/Major Depression/Anxiety disorder here. Moving to a state where THC is still illegal. Medications from doctors make me sick/unable to function/manic.(Years of trials before I pulled the weed-stem out of my ass and tried it) I’m losing hope. It’s sad. THC is the only thing to work for me without major downsides. I am a normal, creative, and fully functioning human if I have weed, lil in the morn, lil at night. it’s not placebo, it is absolutely a miracle! Anyway, I tried a friend’s CBD cigarette and, while absolutely not the real thing, I found it to be quite pleasant. Eased my nausea (I always have it from my anxiety), boosted my appetite, and produced a microscopic sized sense of okayish-ness. Better than nothing. Any and all suggestions please. I will follow all state-laws, and where I am going CBD is fine.

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