Lipitor Interaction With Edibles?


The week before last my doctor prescribed to statin. I take the Lipitor every morning, and I typically have eddies on the night of the weekends, and that same weekend, I had scary adverse effects on the edibles. I felt like my body locked up, and I could barely walk. I was slurring, had anxiety, and having shortness of breathe. I was told to wait for a week or two to let the medication adjust before eating edibles again. Last weekend, I didn’t have any edibles at all, but now I want to start again.

I usually take 30mg of the edibles, but tonight I plan on taking just 10mg hoping lower the weird effects. I assume that the reason why I had those effects was because I just started the lipitor, but now that it’s been a week, I’m thinking maybe the side effects have subsided.

Should I take an edible tonight or should I wait some more? Is it safe?

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