Do you use Marijuana for medical purposes?


Hello everyone! Alittle back story I’m 26 years old taking care of my Mother 45 that has stage 4 brain and lung cancer since FEB 2017. Now we discover last week it has moved to her liver as she goes to KU Medical Cancer Center in KCKS. I live in Kansas and as you may know we have very aggressive marijuana laws. Our Governor Laura Kelly has introduced a Bill that would legalize Medical Marijuana but certain senators are opposed to the bill. I won’t post links to article following the rules but Fox 4 here in KC reported today their was opposition to the bill by Senator Molly Baumgardner of Johnson County Kansas. She was against the bill after talking to Law Enforcement,Business Owners and Doctors. I believe she only got one side of the story and now needs to hear from the Patients/people needing it. I will post their emails but if you could take any amount of time to state benefits that marijuana has done for you to improve your life so they can make a better informed decision my family and I would really appreciate it, Thank You!

Emails: Molly Baumgardner

John Eplee:

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