Edible – Stuck in a time loop, (aka deja vu) panic attacks, no sleep – 15 hours later still feeling effects


Edit to add: I wouldn’t be surprised if yesterday being Groundhog Day had something to do with it….


This is the third time this has happened, although I only remember the first years ago, not the second which someone else told me occurred last summer.

I was trapped in time loops all night – I knew everything that was going to happen because it had happened a million times before, we have no free will, just part of a generic souless entity called the universe etc etc. Absolutely fucking terrifying. All the worse moments of my life replayed over and over and the knowledge I would have to sit through them again and again.

Called people up for conversations and would swear on all that I love that I knew what they and I were going to say before we said it because we’d had the conversation an infinite number of times before. That sort of stuff.

Of course during it I also remembered having visions of last night’s incidents being seen in my visions the first time this happened a few years back and see myself having the break 3 or 4 more times to come before I died and had the whole existential terror start all over again.

Have not been to sleep. Whenever I get close I have panic attacks.

I’m still feeling effects. While the time loop isn’t as blatant I still notice everything I do, look at, think, as being repeats of my having done it before – although now it’s more like I’m so stuck in my ways I always look at this spot on the wall when I walk past it, I always touch my chin this certain way – etc.

I’m a lightweight. I hardly ever touch the stuff. I was stressed and in a bad mood so I thought I’d give it a try. I used 10 mg from a legal gov supplier which I’ve used before without issues (the other two times the loops happened was someone’s homemade edible that was super powerful, and thc capsules for a huge stoner that, again, was way beyond anything a newbie should touch). I have bad asthma & allergies, can’t smoke/vape, which is why I just done edibles on the rare occasion I try pot. Maybe a dozen times the last couple of years.

Anyway, I guess this is the hangover stage at this point? I went outside for a bit for some fresh winters air and did some snow shoveling, and was fine while I was occupied by that, but as soon as I started walking for the mail so wasn’t occupied I started to lose myself again.

I’m not synced with reality.

Any suggestions to get over this asap?

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