Visual and physical hallucinations


I’ll start by saying that I take sativa gummies, one or two depending on how long I got before I have to do anything. I also want to say that I’m a lightweight when it comes to any kind of drug or alcohol, so that might have something to do with it as well. Ever since last summer, I have hallucinated seeing an elf nearly every time I get stoned. The first time I saw her (and I know it sounds crazy) but I told her I wasn’t afraid and that she could come and chill out with me. I swear I felt footsteps approaching me as I sat on an ottoman, and I felt the elf press its body against me, I could even feel it breathing out of its nose on top of my head. I understand hallucinating can happen, but I’ve had a few experiences where I have felt the elf touch me or I could feel her footsteps getting closer. I’ve looked up sativas and found out you can hallucinate visually and though sound. But I’ve never read anything that said you can physically feel hallucinations in the way that I have. My question is, have other people experienced this?

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