Looking for general information, advice, and tips behind my experience. Perhaps some of you have gone through this or at least heard of it.


So, predating mid-December I did smoke some between dabs, weed, and my vape pen. However, I would describe myself as a beginner still. In mid December I did have an experience that, well I barely know what to explain it. This was involving edibles. The day before my experience I did eat an entire thing of sour patch kids, that was 350 MG. All I really remember from this was paranoid, balance issues, vision issue with not knowing what was too close and what was far away, and I lost all sense of time. Here, I pretty much just fell asleep, woke up in the morning and I was good.

Either the next day or the day after (i think it was the next day) I did the recommended amount of edibles from a Dark chocolate raspberry punch bar. The strength of thc should have been 75mg overall. Pretty much the same thing happened as previous experience with the sour patch edibles. This was until I dosed off a little from going to sleep and felt ridiculously hot, but my head for some reason felt hotter then the rest of my body. I got up, with my heart racing and tried to calm down. I could not stand up straight. I had one knee on my bed with my arm around my chair while looking at my tv and was just attempting to get myself to calm down. My vision at this point was ridiculous. IDK how to describe it. I couldn’t tell what was close or far away. it was like someone took pictures of my room, all four corners, and that’s what i saw with no peripheral vision. At this point, i did remember that my bed is just right here so i let myself fall. I was lying down on the edge of it still trying to relax and my vision is the same. Some known amount of time passed. For some reason i thought like an hour went by because by chest really hurt, was numb, and my heart wouldn’t stop racing and I ended up calling my mom. By the time she came to my room, which the time is still unknown but had to be only a few minutes, i couldn’t move my arms or my legs, only my fingers and toes. After this I was gone. I remember seeing clips and images of the EMTs but it was like foggy, yellow, brown looking images where they said i was breathing with a fast heart rate but was not talking or responding. I didn’t even know this was current, i thought these people, where from years ago like when i was a kid at the dentist or something and then i thought maybe i was dying or something. But then in between these images i saw flashes of my life. its like they were on laminated index cards going one by one in a series but were over cities, oceans, mountains, etc. Then finally, they started to travel upward where i saw a bright light and crap. This pretty much ended here. I still couldn’t move. EMTs had to take me away on a gurney. I kind of remember leaving my house, of being in the ambulance, of the hospital, of calling my mom to home get me, of being back home. But its bits and pieces. It took 2-3 days for my vision to return to normal and for my body to behave correctly. I was frustrated then because i felt like something else was up but the hospital jumped at the chance to blame everything on weed.

Since then, I did feel some of these symptoms when not taking weed so idk. I did have heart and chest issues again, when not on weed. When using my vape nothing happens. I did a little weed one morning and nothing happened. Around two weeks ago, I did a dab hit and it was more then I intended. I could tell that from the cloud after the hit. Pretty much the same feeling and symptoms returned, just way less in severity. I was able to calm myself down and go to sleep. I thought maybe dabs was too much, so I did a little weed two nights ago and it happened again. I had the feeling and only the vision, balance, and only a few symptoms for maybe 30 seconds and then i beat it.

I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I heart that since Sativa is the head high strain that this can cause this. I have also read that if you or your family has a history of PTSD, anxiety, heart issues this can contribute. Not saying we do, but covering my basis.

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