New to CA and now I want to try cannabis


I just moved to San Diego – specifically Pacific Beach. I want to try some weed and I am noticing quite a few smoke shops. I’m an idiot about this – how do I know which stores to trust? Is there a website for weed? (I’m kind of joking, but not really) I need someone to answer some basic questions and give me some advice. I actually think I should start with Delta 8, because I want to start slowly. I want it to relax me, but also make me more amorous (horny, to put it bluntly (that’s a pun!!))

Also what is the easiest and cleanest way to take it? I want it to be effective, simple, and somewhat healthy. I was hoping to not have to smoke joints.

Thanks in advance! I been reading this subreddit for the past hour, but I just couldn’t find this info…

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