Needing to find a ‘tree provider’


So I recently started smoking again while I was back home for the holidays, while I was there I was able to stock up for a month (wasn’t really much cause I didn’t think I’d smoke a lot but here we are lol). So here’s my issue, I need to find a new ‘friend’ to conduct a personal sized transaction with, but given the pandemic, and not any social functions going on, i can’t find a ‘friend’. What are some ways I can find a ‘new friend for business?

Some info: – I don’t have very many friends in general, the ones I do have here don’t smoke and aren’t the type of people that I can ask if they know anyone who smokes or ‘shares’ (Yea my friends kinda suck, but I’m working on that). – The one friend I had that I used to smoke with moved away a while ago and doesn’t know anyone here who could help either – I’ve asked my old ‘service provider’ who moved away to ask if he knew anyone around still ‘providing’ – he said no 🙁 – I live in a state where weed is, let’s say, “frowned upon” 😉 – Where i last purchased it is also ‘frowned upon’

(I’m being vague because I don’t want to unintentionally break the rules. And also it was fun to cone up with these idioms/euphemisms(?))

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