Need guidance on decarbing/sous viding mason jar method


I’ve heard conflicting things on the need to decarb when using the mason jar/sous vide method. Did the decarb (1/8th) for 1 HR and 1/2 ,196 degrees, mixed with 8 0z coconut oil, only an eighth of flower, and cooked another 4 HRS same temp (It’s the max). It did come out ultra dark making me think perhaps it was overkill on temp or cooking time and to be sure the potency did lack. I’m going to attempt again shortly with a half, but I’ve now heard that I should skip the decarb altogether and go for 3 HRS max at 196. I’m not sure whether an 1/8th was too little, or I had scorched the THC even attempting the decarb here. Should I grind the 1/2, mix with the oil right away, and go ahead and sous vide it for 3 HRS at 196 skipping the decarb altogether? Not trying to scorch a significant quantity here. Any helpful info is highly appreciated.

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