Pretty recently memory problem when smoking.


At the end of the day, my highs just don’t feel that great anymore… I’m 30, and I have been smoking since I was about 18. It wasn’t really until about a year or so ago that my mind just started totally started going tits-up on me when I smoke. I have bipolar type 2 and take Lamotrigine for it, and I kinda think that has to do with it, as it is the most recent thing I have srarted taking for it.

A few minutes after I smoke a bowl, my memory just takes a complete shit… Like for an example, I just got done watching Rick and Morty. When the show would move on to another scene, I could hardly remember the last one. To be more specific, I couldn’t even remember word for word quotes of something that was said literally 2 seconds before most of the time. My mind would grasp some things here and there, but mostly its like the lights are on but no one is home in my mind. happens with games. Anything.

Getting high used to be really fun for me and help me focus more during that time. Most of my best artwork is stuff I drew while I was high. I could retain everything I watched or did. I would enjoy things even more because of the positive thoughts and outlook my highs gave me. Now it does just about the polar opposite. My memory is so bad when I am stoned, you’d probably have a better chance of remembering moment to moment the events of a night where you got so drunk you backed out than I would remembering what I saw or heard 2 seconds ago.

Think it could be the medicine? Has this or does this happen to anyone else?

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