Strain recommendations for anxiety?


Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️ I like to smoke every evening before bed. Usually I’m alone, so it’s easy for me to relax and lean in to the mental changes that occur. Primarily, my mind starts racing and I become hyper-self aware. I like to use this introspection to address opportunities in my daily life and develop a game plan for the following day while exploring my feelings about things. I use coping mechanisms to try and stay present and typically enjoy the experience.

However, due to some insecurities instilled in my younger years by abusive boyfriends who liked to fuck with my head when I was high, I have a very difficult time being stoned around other people. The hyper-self awareness often leads me to second-guessing, feeling awkward/annoying, and an inability to relax or feel “natural.” I often feel so anxious, I have to retreat or leave the situation.

My current boyfriend enjoys a nighttime smoke as well, but when I join him, I frequently experience panic attacks. He is a gem; he’s not the issue. Right now, I’m simply not partaking with him any longer so as to avoid the issues that come with my anxiety. But I think that’s a big bummer! I’m not drinking right now and would like to continue smoking for some recreational stress relief. (I workout daily, stretch, self massage/foam roll, use an acupuncture mat, and enjoy herbal teas. Is it so wrong that I want to toke, too?)

I have ADHD, so often strains affect me differently than others. I don’t like a strong body high, as that usually makes me more aware of my body, which I hate. How can I relax when I’m constantly fidgeting or questioning how I look?

At the recommendation of my psychiatrist, I smoke flower instead of vaping because I have asthma. She suggested studies show smoking is less harmful than vaping for asthma patients. After testing that out, I think there may be something to it. Weed is legal in my state. 🥳

What strains would you recommend for someone like me? Common medical concerns I like to address are: anxiety, stress, depression, and pain. I also have PTSD.

Dry eyes and cotton mouth are difficult to deal with because of the hyper self awareness and body discomfort. I have eye drops and lozenges, but some strains are notorious & those things don’t work, so I need to avoid those. I also can’t handle the munchies because I have BED.

Anyone like me? What do you like? TYIA!

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