Can vaping marijuana make tinnitus worse?


Hey everyone, so the title says it all. I’ll make this short. So I vape flower, but I’m not a heavy vaper like some people, I just do a couple sessions a day, four at most. I began to vape more a couple months ago and do small hits; so basically small enough to where it wouldn’t really affect me. My tolerance has been building though.

But I noticed a couple months ago, I started hearing my pulse in my left ear, loudly enough to where it was noticeable. I’ve also noticed that I’ve had some pain in that same ear lately. I’ve also had some pain on the left side of my head. And like I said, I’ve been vaping a few times throughout the day.

However, today I haven’t vaped at all. And I’ve noticed that I haven’t heard my pulse in my left ear, or had any pain. I know I have some type of hearing damage based on how much I love music and jobs I’ve had in the past, so I occasionally hear the common ringing. Mostly though I’ll hear my pulse always in my left ear.

Is it possible that marijuana can cause tinnitus to escalate, or cause pulsatile tinnitus? I haven’t been hearing my pulse in my ear for years either, because I would’ve noticed it. It began some point last year at least. I also have sinus problems which could also be a contributer. There’s a limited amount of research on this, so I wanted to see if anyone has had a similar experience. I want to say thank you for the advice in advance!

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