I was smoking this morning outside my window and saw this…


I usually wake and bake most mornings before I start my day which usually consists of me hanging out with my people or sleeping. I’m a college student & unemployed so you know how that goes.

I woke in the morning and did what I always do. I first opened the window, packed my bowl today cause I wanted to be fancy & started to go through my twitter as I was smoking with my head out the window.

My room window is connected to my roof so if you wanted to, you could literally climb out the window and sit or walk around on the roof. It’s cool for when you wanna smoke but avoid smell in the house or have any company & wanna keep things lowkey.

As I went to light my bowl, I look down, and right in front my eyes was, a common house light yellow brownish cricket, which in my opinion looks extremely unappealing & I can’t stand when they come near me although they don’t scare me.

Immediately I jump back & close the window. This is strange because I’ve never had anything like this happen to me. What do these crickets signify? Am I looking too deep into this?

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