sober person asking a little advice for better sleep


I don’t want to get into why I’m sober, let’s just say I’m very happy to be sober for 7 years now. I’m going through a really rough time with my step father whose health is failing fast. I’ve been with him for 2 months straight and doing everything for my mom around the house. Recently, as things have gotten worse, I’ve been unable to sleep. Every time I drift off I wake up in pure panic, physical anxiety, which i don’t experience often. I am working on it with my therapist, but I need help now so I can continue to support my mom and step dad. I tried Benadryl and NyQuil, and I just stay up all night feeling awful. My doctors want to give me muscle relaxers or gaba somethings for pain, but my sister wants me to try marijuana (she owns a dispensary). I would much rather go natural, a la THC but I’m nervous! My sister has a very high tolerance, bordering on a bit of a problem, so I’m worried the dose she is suggesting will be way too high for me.

I’m wondering, is there anyone here who is sober and uses marijuana? Is 2 MG of THC in a dissolvable pill high? Any thoughts on how i will feel? I just want to sleep through the night and I’d rather not take a bunch of RXs.

I hope this doesn’t sound judgmental to the community. I believe in marijuana. I just haven’t done it in so long!

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