Anyone else having issues with Cresco BHO pens?


I’ve been getting these Cresco disposable pens from the medical dispensary in my state. They’re 250mg little black pens that come in three “flavors”, Rise, Refresh, and Relax.

At first, I loved them. They’re super discreet, no smell, and easy to use. I could wail on them hard and they’d last me roughly three days each.

Recently, I bought a few more and have been super disappointed by them. The first one was dying less than six hours after I opened it. I got it replaced but then the second one only lasted about a day and a half.

That’s when I started to wonder whether the battery was dying before the pen was actually used up or whether it was coming with less than the promised 250mg. Either way, I decided to get the scale involved. To avoid opening the pens I haven’t used, I weighted the dead pen in its packaging, then compared it to the two unopened ones I have left. They only weighted 140mg and 150mg more than the dead pen. So either the whole batch(info on the packaging verifies that all the pens came from the same lot) was only half filled or got a bunch of dud batteries.

Either way, I’m kind of at a loss of what to do. I spent almost a hundred dollars on these pens and they aren’t working the way they’re supposed to. So I’m out my money and that amount has been taken from my monthly limit. They’ve already replaced one(charged me a dollar for the replacement rather than just replacing their defective product and I assume took that off my monthly limit in addition rather than in replacement of the dud) but at this point I feel like I’d like to just get my money back because what’s the point of getting a defective pen replaced with another defective pen? Is that even possible? Does getting replacements knock even more off my monthly limit? Should I reach out to Cresco directly? Or should I just suck it up, take the loss, and walk away? It just seems like there should be some degree of obligation on their part to provide something that functions properly since it’s medical, you know?

Anyway, I thought if anybody could offer any suggestions or input from their own experiences with these pens, it would be here. I appreciate any thoughts or advice and thank you for reading!

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