Distillate and Vegan Butter? (WEED NEWBIE)


Hey! Do I recently purchased some distillate, and I’m trying to make them into edible, but vegan. Anyone have any idea about using vegan butter with distillate? Is it the same as regular butter? I’ve tried googling it but all I can find are articles that are like about this bloggers childhood and journey in life. I’m too high for all that BS. Can someone explain to me like I’m 5 yo? Also does anyone have any good video recommendations for a newbie to learn about these things? I just started smoking during quarantine as a 24 year old who was homeschooled. I don’t know anything that I feel like I should. So where would a good source be to learn all of this knowledge?! Thanks. Have a great night fam. 🤘✌🤟

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