could weed be worsening my bipolar disorder and leading me to psychosis?


hey guys, this semester my boyfriend and i have been smoking everyday, sometimes as often as 3 times in one day, and since falling into this routine i have felt like i’ve been spiraling out of control. ive been experiencing intense depressive episodes, increasingly belligerent manias, and severe dissociation. i haven’t felt like this since being put on meds over five years ago and im worried that i could be experiencing the early stages of psychosis. i kept blaming my worsening symptoms on the stresses caused by covid (both of my parents lost their jobs early in the pandemic and things have been very unstable since) and going to college during the pandemic, but now that im visiting home for xmas break i havent smoked at all and ive noticed an increase in my well-being. i dont want to have to completely quit smoking because i honestly cherish the smoke sessions i have with my bf and it has, to some degree, been helping to keep my mind off of some of the problems in my life. have any of you experienced a similar situation, and does anyone have any idea why this could be happening? and could weed really cause a psychotic break?

ps. ive done a few google searches about this and all i can find is bs anti-weed scare articles

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