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all my life i’ve had allergy problems. but i’ve been smoking weed since i was about 14 or 15 and i’m just now starting to develop allergies to the marijuana. over the 6 months we were out of school for covid i smoked almost every night w my buddy. and thru out the 6 months i was completely fine. then august rolled around and i smoked a joint w my cousin and i got watery eyes, runny nose, my throat hurt, and my eyes were itchy. then i tried smoking again but this time out of a pipe and my entire face swelled up. that was in august since then i’ve smoked weed maybe 3 times. 2 times i was at a party and i was fine, no allergies. but then i smoked again and i got a runny nose and itchy eyes and watery eyes. so i switched to cartridges and have been doing those and only those. last night i had what i think was a panic attack and i was stoned off my Pure Star cartridge. i’m also not doing very well, i have an appointment to get evaluated and i see a therapist now, i think i might be depressed. maybe that could’ve played a roll in my “panic attack” i read online that panic attacks could be caused by cannabis. has anyone else had these problems and if so how did you over come them? i’m just looking for answers, i’m scared if this is for life or just temporary. i have not yet been evaluated so i’m not 100 percent sure if i’m depressed. please someone answer my questions, i’m very concerned about my mental and physical health

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