Bad reaction to synthetic weed, am I prone to seizures?


Throwaway account for obvious reasons.

Hey guys, sorry if I’m in the wrong subreddit as this is a pretty medically minded question and I know you can’t really diagnose someone from a text post, but might as well try.

So I smoked some synthetic weed a while ago. I don’t know exactly what kind – they called it OG Kush but it was later confirmed to be synthetic. I smoked with two other guys, and they were completely fine – it acted like normal weed to them. I, however, had a bit of an episode – they reported me screaming and kicking around. Sounded like a seizure. I felt like shit for a few hours afterwards but I was fine the next morning.

My family has no history of seizures, schizophrenia, or even anxiety. That was the only time I had had a “seizure”. I’ve had normal weed a few times and it worked like it was supposed to (except for some high THC no CBD stuff which gave me a bad stomachache).

Does this mean I have an increased risk of seizures, or that I have some mental health condition? If the other two guys had seizures too it would have been fine, but since only I had one I suspect there’s something wrong with me, not the pot. I’m also considering trying psychedelics, would that put me at risk of having a bad reaction to them?

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