Trouble eating without marijuana


Hey all,

So as a kid, I always ate like a bird. I could never eat the last bite of anything because it would make me gag. It could have been due to the anxiety I had growing up, but it’s not something my parents really acknowledged or tried to help. I didn’t even realize I suffered from anxiety until I took some psych classes in college.

Fast forward to college and I discovered marijuana. I ate like I never did before, actually gained weight, and I became an avid smoker for much of my 20’s. I am 27 now and only take a couple snaps after work and before I go to bed. I eat perfectly fine on just that. However, when I don’t smoke for a few consecutive days, I have zero appetite. The smell of some foods makes me want to throw up. Even the smell of the dry pantry makes me want to barf.

I have thought about having a dependence on marijuana, but I have taken long breaks and still have the issue of no appetite months down the road.

I have also thought about it being anxiety, but don’t know if it’s something I should seek help for because all other aspects of my life are fine. I am stable in my work and friendships, just not my eating habits when I’m not stoned.

I am soon moving to a place where I’ll have no access to weed and I just worry for my health. Does anyone else experience this or has anyone seeked help for something like this? I know I should talk to a doctor, but I feel like I can’t bring up anything serious because they’re trying to rush me out of there.

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