Tolerance or???


Me and my girlfriend have been having weird issues getting high. We’ve only really been regular consumers since August. Before that, it was 1:1 ratios at low doses for sleep. I’m a cart and flower smoker mostly and she’s more into edibles.

About a week and a half ago, we started to notice a lack of head change for both of us. My eyes would get red, even more than normal, and there was some relaxation, but no head change and it stopped helping me go to sleep. I ended up smoking about 3x as much as normal one night and still no head change. I didn’t think it was tolerance since I went above and beyond to get high, but we decided to take a short tolerance break just to see.

Last night I smoked again and it was pretty euphoric and I slept great. I still had a bit of time where the head change felt like it was teetering on nothing and a something. She took her edibles and got high for about half an hour and it faded, then tried a cart and no head change still.

Any experience with this or possible explanation? Diet, environment, tolerance?

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