Did I get high on THC or spice?


I walk into the bathroom at the beginning of third period at school, as usual. One of my buddies walks in and we engage in conversation. Another guy walks in who I know from baseball. He jogs into the bathroom, and his eyes give away the fact that he is totally fried. I did not notice this at first, however. He goes into the other stall and me and the other guy wait for him to pass the vape over. He reaches under, vape in hand, and says something to both me and the guy that only I did not hear. Upon reflection, he must have said, “it‘s CBD.” My friend says, “is that the shit I hit a few days ago? Nah, I’ll pass this time.” Having tried CBD multiple times before, I am fully aware that it does not give you a true high. I take the vape out of his hand, (a Smok Nord) press the button, and take a 4 second hit. I inhale, and I pass it back to him. My friend gave me a worried glance and said, “Bro, you’re about to be feeling high.“ The three of us walk out of the stalls and go stand by the open area in the restroom. I say, “I won’t get high, right? It’s CBD. It‘ll just make me feel calm and relaxed like it usually does.” Upon saying this, my face becomes numb. I laugh and say “What the fuck?” in a joking way. The numbness travels down my body and my legs start to do what I want them to do more slowly. They both gave me a pat on the back and left the bathroom. “See ya,” I said. Halfway to the classroom, my vision starts getting swirly. Since the human brain is so complex, what I saw could not be accurately compared to anything I have seen in the real world. I would say that it looked as if I was entering a nether portal in Minecraft. I sat down and was starting to get a little paranoid. I took my school issued computer out of my bag and attempted to type in my email and password. Here’s the problem: I forgot my last name. Because of this, it took me about 5 minutes to type in my email. My heart was racing, but I took deep breaths to calm down. A girl behind me asked me, “Why did you just type your last name as Weoing?” I ignored her because I could not muster the strength to speak. My voice would not work, but that was luckily the only time anything was said to me for the rest of the class. It also took me a while to type in my password, but I got it done. I could almost see the thoughts racing through my head. They were flying around my eyes. I cannot deny that the feeling I was getting from this was good, but I could not relax to enjoy it because of my racing heart. About halfway into the class period, I was able to control my heart rate again. I was starting to remember what I did in the bathroom to get me this high. Close to the end of class, my vision starting returning to normal (not swirly and dotty) and I was very thankful. Would I do this again at the same dosage? Yes, I probably would. At a higher dosage? No. I can only imagine what would have happened. Since you guys have heard my experience, I would like you to tell me what you think this was.

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