Hair test (Advice please!)

Hi guys,

Just looking for some advice from someone who’s been through a similar experience.

I have smoked weed twice in my life, once about 5 years ago where I had maybe two hits off a joint.

And once on Sept 5th 2020. (I had two hits from a pipe – I was told by my friend after that the weed was bad too and not great quality)

Annoyingly I forgot I had a potential test coming up and was just tested on Mon 16th November (hair test) so there is about 65 days between the test and the time I had a couple hits.

I am in great shape and train regularly, I was also bald at the time of smoking as I had done a charity shave the week before, and my hair grew out over those 65 days and I had my hair cut short (1.5”) before the test.

I’m still waiting on the results but this is really for the infrequent users out there, what are my chances of passing?

Will update with results!

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