Looks like my years long marijuana habit might be coming to an end due to anxiety…


I’ve been meaning to take an extended break as I’ve been a daily smoker for a long time, but as many of you may know it ain’t easy – especially when other stuff hasn’t worked as well as weed for mood. Anyway… I was planning to go weed free in 2021 but now it seems it’s gonna start a bit earlier. I’ve been experiencing increased anxiety with weed – not just anxiety but actual panic attacks over the past several weeks.

At first I thought it’s the vape cartridges, then I realized edibles are now doing the same thing. So for the past week, I cut down on edibles and smoking “Gorilla Glue” (supposedly an Indica but who knows what you’re really getting these days – it’s 25% THC) and it was great for the first 2 weeks since I got this strain, but yesterday I had a full blown panic attack 20 minutes after smoking then going outside for a walk.

It doesn’t help that evening walk aren’t as relaxing as they used to be with people wearing masks and a general anxious low mood everywhere. I was walking at a very leisurely pace and listening to a self help podcast about mindfulness. The topic started to get heavy. Very suddenly I felt a chill throughout my body and my stomach / torso suddenly fell (like on a rollercoaster). The chill only lasted a few seconds, but my legs felt like jello and I immediately sat down and focused on breathing slowly despite my heart quickly shooting up to 140s-150s bpm. I knew what was happening but it’s still scary. It took a few minutes before my heart got below 115 and I got up to continue treating slowly and trying to relax. I felt tired and weak after and slowly walked back home.

I’ve only gotten a handful of mild attacks every few years in my life, but have had multiple short and mild to moderate ones over the past month. But, this was the worst one I’ve ever had. Since I had taken a small amount (5 mg) of edible earlier yesterday on an empty stomach (about 5 hours before smoking) I figured it intensified the flower and hence the culprit. I was wrong.

Since I have trouble sleeping without weed, I smoked a small amount of the flower before bed as I usually do, however, this time I couldn’t relax. I was getting these sudden body / stomach dropping sensations – like on a rollercoaster or fast elevator or when you suddenly receive bad or frightening news. I tried listening to body scan relaxation and anxiety meditation videos, but even after taking Propranolol medication for anxiety (which I take a few times a year for acute anxiety), I still couldn’t calm my mind or body down to do it, so after 2-3 hours I was exhausted and just fell asleep.

This is not fun and now makes marijuana suddenly not fun for me either. I’d often drink 1 or 2 beers a few nights a week too, but even that small amount of alcohol was making me feel worse than weed so I’ve cut out alcohol completely over the past few days as well. I no longer enjoy it either. This all happened unexpectedly and suddenly. I’ve been anxious as hell to begin with the past few months with the pandemic worsening, financial troubles, etc and got bummed out I won’t be seeing family this year. Anyone here having or had a similar experience?

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