Steve DeAngelo – Cultivars With Character


Steve DeAngelo is a lifelong cannabis advocate, so much that he has been called the ‘Father of the legal cannabis industry’ and he has not slowed down in fighting for cannabis freedom since the birth of the cannabis industry.

We are delighted to work with Steve DeAngelo, his commitment to cannabis reform for over 40 years places him at the forefront of the industry, were it not for people like Steve, there may not be a cannabis industry at all. Steve DeAngelo has fought the law and won, he has fought for his right, our right, and your right to grow and consume cannabis. This is a man who is uncompromising in his beliefs that cannabis is a gift from mother nature and therefore something that everyone has the right to.

You can shop his collection of Cultivars with Character and read his articles over on the Homegrown Cannabis Co. site.

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