Nikki & Swami – Cultivars with Character


Nikki and Swami’s have their roots firmly planted in cannabis history. They use a mix of traditional techniques and modern advancements in organics to cultivate their ‘sun-grown’ outdoor cannabis on their ranch in California’s Emerald Triangle.

We have been planning this collaboration for a while now, through our work with Nikki and Swami we feel like our relationship has strengthened through our shared ideals: that cannabis is a gift from mother nature, a gift that everyone should have access to. Furthermore, we are also proponents of growing cannabis organically or as naturally as one can. Nikki and Swami are the perfect teachers when it comes to learning about growing cannabis naturally and in full sun.

You can find Nikki and Swami’s selection of Cultivars with Character as well as all the information needed to grow cannabis outdoors, over on the Homegrown Cannabis Co. site!

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