Was it probably the strains I was smoking that caused me to have anxiety?


So almost none of my weed experiences have been physically positive. After about 2 deep inhales the drug hits, and it makes me very hyper and disconnected from reality in a way. But the really concerning thing is that I feel like something’s stuck in my throat, moving up and down, up and down, almost like some vein in there had an air bubble stuck in it or something. It’s an extremely uncomfortable sensation, and I notice that my heart rate SKYROCKETS too.

I’ve always been really confused as to why this happens, because every stoner that I’ve come across in highschool is always very dull after a smoke, super relaxed and stupid. But every smoke I’ve had has made me hyper and creative, but also physically uncomfortable. Do you think it might be the strain? Should I risk it and try another strain that’s supposedly relaxing, or is this probably just the effect all weed has for me. I’m really anxious about trying weed again because the throat sensation is soooo uncomfortable and I’m literally convinced it’s gonna kill me each time

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