Am I allergic?


I’m sorry if this is worded badly, but I don’t quite know how to put this.

I’ve barely smoked weed but from the times I have it’s not been good. The first few times I smoked I felt cold and shivery only feeling slightly high. Wheneber I smoked weed I felt like I was going to throw up and I felt my chest and throat tightening up aswell as the feeling of my young swelling up slightly restricting my breathing.

A few months ago I smoked outside and the same feeling came with the tight chest and throat, when I was walking back inside to sit down I collapsed next to the tv. My friends were there to help me and put me into the recovery position but i ended up being fine.

Because of this I haven’t touched weed since but whenever I’m standing next to someone who is smoking weed or am in the same room as someone smoking weed my chest starts tightening and my head starts feeling kind of fuzzy and find it increasingly difficult to talk as the words just don’t come out my mouth.

I’m wondering if I’m allergic to weed as this doesn’t seem like a normal thing to happen especially as I don’t want to stop hanging around with these people. Is there any sort of medication I can take so that I don’t have these effects when I’m near someone that’s smoking weed?

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