Felt very hypoglycemic while high


I’m still fairly new to pot. Smoke hurts my lungs, so I got some edibles. Normally, I have one, and I’m super mellow and sleepy and end up falling asleep fairly quickly. But I guess they weren’t mixed evenly because the one I had last night had me just reeling. It started with feeling like all my blood vessels opened up, which was fine and pleasantly tingly. Then I got to up to make some soup and my vision started to go dark. I’ve felt that a few times before when my blood sugar goes too low, but I had just eaten dinner, so I didn’t think that could be happening. I laid down, and the feeling like I was going to pass out faded, but I still felt hypoglycemic, and my chest was really cold. I couldn’t keep my eyes open, and my arms were really weak. And this was all in addition to stuff that I recognized as just being the edible, like time dilation and alice in wonderland stuff.

It faded two or three hours later, I think, when I started to feel more sober. But I just spent the whole time I was lying there thinking it couldn’t actually be my blood sugar. And now I’m trying to google for an answer and not really finding anything. Anyone have any ideas? Was I just having a bad time, or did my blood sugar actually drop that much? I am diabetic. Having trouble remember which type now, though.

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