My Anxiety and Weed (Advice)


My Anxiety with weed

Hi guys, this is my first time on here but I feel like this subreddit is where I will get the best answer.

Basically I started smoking when I was around 16. I smoked every weekend with my mates and had such a great time doing it. Some of the funniest memories I have now were from my weed smoking days.

One day I took a huge bong hit and started freaking out. Looking back I definitely had a panic attack. I was sweating, my heart was racing and I thought I was going to die. I remember how it started, I was playing Xbox just after the bong hit and I started getting a headache but I thought nothing of it. Anyways minutes later I got this really sharp pain all the way from my forehead to the back of my head. It felt like it was a line of sheer pain going over my head. So I went to lay down and have some water and I started freaking out. That was my first bad experience with weed and it’s never been the same since.

I stopped smoking about 3 years ago. I’m 21 now.

This is because every time I smoked weed and you get that overwhelming sensation in your head, I thought it was going to be this pain that I mentioned before again. It would make every smoke awful and very unpleasant. Needless to say I only smoked 4/5 times after the panic attack before I quit.

A year or so ago I tired taking one hit of the joint and seeing how i would fair and I was a little stoned but there was always this feeling of this pain coming back. It was awful.

So getting to the point… I have been diagnosed with anxiety about a year ago. (Not sure whether or not it stemmed from the weed panic attacks). But I do really miss weed and the laughs we had with my friends. They all smoke now when we get together but I just have to drink.

1) In your guys’ opinion is there any getting over this feeling of something bad/this pain is going to happen?

2) Is it worth even trying to smoke again now I’m 21?

3) Have any of you or your friends experienced something similar to me? If so what did you do about it? (If anything)

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