Getting high without smoking


Ok so you all might think j am crazy. But sometimes I have a dream that I wake up from where I am simply ripping a bong. I wake up, and I’m high. Eyes low but not red. Lasts for about 2-3 hours and it goes away. This doesn’t make any sense to me seeing as… Ummm I didn’t smoke any weed? I did a little digging on google and found put about endocannibinoid receptors or something like that but I’m not mentally advanced enough for that shit lmao. All I’m asking is if anyone knows anything about this to tell me. Also I know it wasn’t me just being tired because an hour later I was just chillin not tired but just stoned feeling. Also if your wondering no I did not have munchies which makes it weirder because I am an extreme munchie kind of person.

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