Can taking indica edibles make sleep WORSE?


My husband and I have become avid edible users since weed became legal in our state this year, and also to help relax with all of the stress from the virus going on. We’ve grown to usually like either taking a hybrid edible earlier in the night, and then taking an indica as it gets closer to bedtime, or just taking indica by itself. I also take melatonin to help me sleep.

What we’ve found is in recent months, as our usage has gone up (and tolerance has been impacted, I’m guessing?) we both sleep horribly if we’ve been taking edibles during the evening. It’s weird, because if I’ve taken a bit much, I’ll get sleepy sitting on the couch and think it must be time for bed. But, then my quality of sleep is awful. I feel like I don’t get good, deep sleep and wake up every hour or so.

I tried to do some research, but everything that popped up was about how you can use indica to HELP sleep, nothing about how it can be disruptive.

Any ideas?

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