Cleanest & Easiest Way to Smoke?


So I’m a bit worried my bong is making me sick. It’s not clean, and I didn’t realize how much effort I should have been doing to clean it. I always dump the water (everyday) and rinse out with hot water. But that’s it.

Curious what is everyone’s thought on the cleanest and easiest clean way to smoke?

I love my bong, but I smoke little (about 2-3 hits a night before bed), and don’t want to spend loads of time everyday cleaning it.

I used to use a one hitter exclusively but it’s not the best taste and the smoke is hot/uncomfortable (compared to a bong for sure anyway). Other than a pipe cleaner I’ve never cleaned the one hitters either (should I?).

I have a standard bowl/pipe but I’ve never cleaned it either and it appears not much easier to clean.

Any advice on keeping things clean for a lazy guy?

Edit: I also have a Mighty. Also never cleaned.

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