Should I increase mg or just forget about it?


So pot is now legal here. In fact, I have a recreational dispensary within walking distance.

So I tried some joints and using a bowl. I felt kind of nauseous, my legs felt like I had run a marathon or like I weighed 500 pounds. I could tell I wasn’t “with it”. But it wasn’t a great feeling. I tried a couple more times with the bowl with similar results.

Since I had no idea if I was smoking too little or too much, I bought an edible. I took 5mg, which really didn’t have much affect. Did 7.5mg, meh. Then did 10mg, I felt a little stoned and a bit of nausea but not as bad as from the joint.

And I felt super tired and crashed. It wasn’t pleasant enough that I’d do it again.

I still have a large portion of an expensive edible. Should I venture on to 15mg? Or if I haven’t felt anything pleasant to this point, should I just bail and give the $30 candy bar to a cancer victim?

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