Recently started making edibles instead of smoking, not sure why I would smoke it again


For a couple of months now I have been trying edibles. After a couple of weeks working out how to decarbox properly and a bit of reading about the correct time for the most potent thx content.

I now reckon I can get a really big high on about 0.03 grams of the decarboxed weed. A high has lasted until I go to sleep from whenever I’ve eaten it, earliest was probably about 4, and then you can still be high in the morning. That last part is actually annoying because it means I can’t use it if I have work the next morning, because I don’t work well when high.

So that’s about 100 nights worth for a ten bags worth of weed. I’m questioning why anyone would ever smoke it if they knew that it is far more efficient? Or is it really weird I’m getting this high from 0.03 grams of weed

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