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My name is Alex and I’m a private pilot working hard to transfer over to flying for the U.S. Navy. I used to be a pretty heavy smoker I guess you could say. Rarely used concentrates or oil but I was a daily smoker for at least six months this year; smoked about a gram of flower per day. I have a very low BMI (12-14) and am very fit. I’m 6’2” and about 165 lbs., I workout hard every day and am a healthy eater. I stopped smoking exactly 83 days ago and am STILL not clean. Like I said I’m thin, fit, eat well and drink a ton of water. I tested myself again today and am still pissing hot. What the hell is going on?? All my friends and even the lab tech at the testing center said this was crazy and unheard of. When will I be clean? Do ya’ll have any suggestions?? I seem to be doing everything I can to expedite this thing but to no avail.


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