Types of med mj that ACTUALLY help with osteoarthritis ?


I’m very desperate. Will just paste what I put on a diff sub with no responses. Advice on what types of medical mj to use for bad osteoarthritis?

23f here.. I’m very defeated. I broke my coccyx a couple times in 2014 and the trauma turned it into osteoarthritis and I have severe? Sclerosis and a lot of bone spurring in my si joint and it’s going up my spine. I’ve been on many different pain medication. Otc pills, almost every type of muscle relaxer, acetaminophen, NSAIDS and heat therapy don’t help. I have tried physical therapy and exercise and nothing helps at all. I’ve been prescribed a lot of opioids as I’ve had surgeries before I broke my coccyx and doctors have given me them like handing them out like candy. I went in for a follow up for my MRI scan and I requested a small dose of opioids to help. It’s a constant pain and I feel like. It’s overall defeat. The doctor only prescribed me 12 pills and I asked for a refill and they said they will not consider prescribing me any more pain medication. That’s not fair at all. I suffer every day and it’s making me not want to be around to go through this. I am looking into trying med mj again but they give me panic attacks as guys have tried to take advantage of me (was drugged. Not sure what else was in it) I just want pain relief. I’m out of options

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