Questions about possible development of sensitivity or allergic reaction to marijuana.


Okay, so a few years ago, when i was smoking when i shouldn’t have been smoking, i had made the mistake of leaving joint papers in my house while the house was being bombed for fleas. Unknowingly at the time i used the papers & had to go to the hospital for it due to my face/throat going numb & swelling. After that happened i continued to smoke though, up until i had gotten myself in trouble in school & was put on probation. i wasnt going to take any chances of it being jn my system. but its like after the probation was over, my body reacts to marijuana the same way it did that one time when i was younger? my mouth getting dry is going to happen, i know that, but my tongue kind of swells, throat feels tight, head gets super heavy, & trying to walk my vision goes black & i almost pass out. its been awhile since i smoked, but i just tried a little but of brownie mix with some wax in it & im feeling that way again & i dont know what caused it to happen, i miss smoking sometimes so it sucks. if anyone may know anything please let me know,

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