Need some knowledge help 911!!!!


Hey friends Just got a 2nd interview at a new dispensary opening up.

During the first interview I noticed my knowledge was…. less than good

The dude hiring me (super nice dude) told me to take the week and study and come in for a 2nd interview

So I was hoping this community can help me get a jerb

Knowledge I realized I lacked in

Dabs/oils/tincture – really know nothing about dabs I have always been a flower guy

Contents in marijuana other than THC and CBD and how they affect people

Different type of strains and there family’s

I would like to no about the growing process too

So basically any study guide you guys can point me or personal knowledge would be super awesome

I never study for anything I never really try for anything

But I’m really trying for this job so any help would be truly appreciated thanks guys

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