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I’ve known a number of people including myself that smoke pot. I’m a user of atleast three to four year thanks to my scripts and it’s worked wonders for my medical condition. Some people over my lifetime I’ve known who are pothead veterans either from age 16 to now or just smoke in general and find it to be crazy! Some have told me they experience visuals and most of these people are usually childhood users. But I’m wondering if and how Thc, Cbd(g),etc, pot. Comes in contact or interacts with people who have preexisting conditions such as psychosis, schizo disorders, hppd and any other problems that can cause a break in ones reality. I’m also interested and somewhat in need of art that describes these experiences because of all of the things I’ve heard of from the people I know who have these experiences. It’s difficult to find art on the internet that is similar to any of the hallucinations or visuals I’ve had anyone describe to me when they smoke pot specifically those who are highly affected that almost describe their experience as though it was on RC’s or Neurotoxins. But the people I have talked to are all quite literally smart enough to smoke normal pot. Even though as kids they could’ve bought spice but that’s off topic.

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