Making my own Marijuana vape cartridges part 1


So I personally prefer to make my own THC cartridges given the fact that the black market vitamin E shit was killing people 😒. I prefer to make my own even with recreational dispensaries which I have more trust in selling them. This lead me to post myself making my own cartridges for the week on weedcash this got a crazy 😳 response. The comments requested☝️ a little bit more detailed overview of the process. I was pursuing the proper authorization of the company’s products that are being used in the step-by-step article so that I could utilize their products in photography 😀. This normally would be a press packet with brand materials. However the nice folks😇 over at upon getting my request for brand promotional materials. Expressed their own interest in this project and if they could assist me by sending me products to be featured 🥺 for anyone that would like to follow this project as it unfolds i will post my link to part 1 and the concentrates being used currently uploaded to with in the next day or two if you’re interested in more information before then comment below.

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